Pausing and Thinking

In this midst of this COVID-19 Pandemic, I thought I would have more time to pause and think about what I am reading and learning in my DMin program. On the contrary, working from home is hard! It is hard to carve a space (be it time, the mental capacity, or physical space… my son invades the space all day… xD) out just to focus and reflect.

Initially, it was causing me some anxiety, but as the days went by, God used various people and events to remind me how blessed I am. I have a safe place to “STAY HOME” and protect my family and myself. I have not had to worry about any daily essentials (I have not run out of toilet paper nor food… xD). I now get to spend precious time with my son, to observe his growth and not miss out on important milestones cause I was away in the church office. Time passes, and he will grow up fast. So I am learning to be thankful to God for this blessing.

I will share more of what I am learning as soon as I can organize my thoughts to put it into words.

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